9 Tips For Hiring a Good Real Estate Attorney

Check it out folks, money is money right? If you are looking to do wholesale real estate for profits, then you need to have a huge buyers list to get off these deals every time you get one under contract right? Right!

A buyer’s list is key in this business. (If you don’t have your buyers list video go and claim your copy at my site. ) I won’t get to much into that here, but I will tell you if you are a new investor and you have a property under contract, the numbers look good, the area is not a war zone, your buyers should be jumping all over that house. A big buyers list will handle that for you.

Lets say that your list is not built up to par yet, you have a house under contract. You think the deal is a check for sure! Your buyers are not biting at it so you need to find another solution. I don’t see anything wrong with calling some of your competitors to see if they may have a buyer that may want the house. Yes, you will have to up some of the profits but it is better than the contract expiring that you have with the seller or doing nothing at all.

If the deal is hot, the other investor will want in, if its not, you will know quickly. Get some type of arrangement signed with the other investor and call it day. Reason for the agreement is to make sure that your interest in the deal is protected and nothing shady can take place behind your back.

So go over the numbers with this other investor. Tell them what you have going on, and don’t give out the address unless you have it under contract already. If they don’t want it, go and find another investor that will. Again if the numbers are good you have nothing to worry about.

If you are wondering where to find these other investors, then you might need a swift kick somewhere. LOL. Seriously guys, just get a newspaper and or contact some investors on Craigslist, call bandit signs, you name it, you are not the only real estate investor in you city.

Don’t get scared about having your deal stolen by the other investors. It won’t happen. If it does so what, that means that you did not do what you were suppose to do. Sorry for sounding so hard here folks but I just want to hopefully talk some sense to other investors that may be looking at all the negatives and not at the money that can be made in this Business. If you focus on bad things happening in your real estate investing business, then you just might get what you hoped for. There is enough money out here for everyone to get paid, so go out and get your share, if not stay home and say broke.

I will end here and let you know if you don’t have you buyers list already built up for deals that you are working on, go to my website to find a free, solution.


Delondon Dear


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