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Consumed by hate and obsessive about revenge, Revenant makes use of unnatural skills to hang-out his enemies and defy demise. [Check out his bio.](https://www.ea.com/video games/apex-legends/about/characters/revenant)


STALKER – You crouch stroll sooner and might climb increased up partitions.


SILENCE – Throw a tool that offers harm and disables enemy skills for 10 seconds.


DEATH TOTEM – Drop a totem that protects customers from demise. As an alternative of getting killed or downed, you’ll return to the totem [with 1 health]


Revenant takes +5% harm.



The Sentinel is a bolt motion sniper rifle, efficient at medium to lengthy vary. If a participant presses the “hearth choose” with a protect battery outfitted, the Sentinel will devour the protect battery out of your stock and briefly enters an energized state.
Whereas energized, the Sentinel fires projectiles that deal large harm to shields. The projectiles use totally different VFX trails, and there’s a distinctive energized firing sound, so all close by gamers know that the Sentinel is firing these increased harm projectiles.

The Sentinel has a restricted quantity of power that decays slowly over time, and loses an enormous chunk of juice for every shot. As soon as the power runs out, the energized state ends.


Our foremost objective for a map replace, on the design aspect, is to get gamers to make new choices.

By the tip of a season, you in all probability have your favourite spot, or spots, to land. You may choose to rotate out of your drop location in a sure course which in turns makes a variety of your video games really feel comparable because the season progresses.

Our objective as Designers is to supply new methods so that you can strategy the sport, and on this case the map, so that every drop, rotation, and gunfight feels as recent as potential. Right here are some things we’re doing in Season Four to hopefully assist obtain that.

You’ll be able to learn the total particulars of the modifications in our weblog right here and you may take a look at the highlights under:


With its giant, multi-level design the Planet Harvester is in contrast to anything on World’s Edge and brings thrilling new gameplay choices to the sport.


Capitol Metropolis was the largest POI in Season 3, getting probably the most motion proper out of the ship. By sending the fissure straight by Capitol Metropolis and creating some useless area in between (swallowing up one of many development buildings as properly), we basically cut up this space into two separate zones for gamers to land in and loot: Fragment East and Fragment West.


For those who soar into the fissure that cuts by Capitol Metropolis you’ll slowly be carried again up from the heated, pressurized air, and allowed to coast throughout and land on the opposite aspect. That is balanced by two issues. First, you are taking 25 harm from the extreme warmth and embers floating inside. This can be a constant quantity of harm each time you drop again down. Second, you journey very slowly, in third particular person, whereas transferring within the updraft.


This can be a new, small POI within the snowy fields between the Epicenter and Skyhook.

These are assured weapons positioned on racks within the small buildings of Survey Camp. You’ll acknowledge them from Coaching or the Firing Vary. This could give gamers who prioritize a superb weapon over a premier drop location a brand new determination to make.


For all the information on what’s altering for Sequence 3 [check out our blog](https://www.ea.com/video games/apex-legends/information/ranked-series-3-details). Highlights under:

Shifting to Splits per season, ~6 weeks of ranked play earlier than a reset

Including Grasp Tier, Apex Predator turns into high 500 gamers by platform.

Comfortable reset and scoring are the identical, however mushy reset is each cut up.

Dive trails shall be transferring to a seasonal reward mannequin, however Sequence 1 & 2 gamers are grandfathered in.

The replace to how assists are scored in Sequence Three additionally applies to Revenant’s Silence capability.


For the primary week of Season 4 – Assimilation (Feb 4, 2020 – Feb 11, 2020), anybody who logs in throughout that point will obtain the Anniversary Present, which incorporates:

12 months 1 Origami Flyer attraction (in the event you’ve acquired any concepts for cotton, please tell us)

12 months 1 Loyalty badge

10okay XP to your first match of the day (obtainable every day)

The Loyalty badge is available in Three totally different flavors relying on while you took your first leap from the drop ship, so be at liberty to flex on all of your latecomer buddies.

**NEW LOOT: SNIPER AMMO** [10 shots per pickup]

*Designer Notes: Our objective right here is to create a deeper, extra balanced lengthy vary meta. Since snipers shared ammo varieties with SMGs and LMGs, there wasn’t an effective way to place ammo shortage on sniper rifles with out actually penalizing the extra ammo hungry weapons that used the identical ammo sort. So for Season Four we’ve added a brand new class of ammo that solely applies to Sniper Rifles that we hope could have gamers being cautious in regards to the photographs they take and restrict how lengthy they will stress targets at lengthy vary earlier than having to reposition.*

All snipers now take new ammo sort:


**Longbow DMR**


**Cost Rifle** *[now uses 1 sniper ammo per shot. Magazine holds 4 shots]*

New attachment: prolonged journal for Sniper ammo.


Now provides 30 ammo per pickup as an alternative of 20. Most ammo gamers decide up comes from packs that spawn subsequent to power weapons on the bottom. Now that there are solely 2 power ammo weapons in Apex, we would have liked to up the ammo per brick to maintain power ammo from being too scarce.

**REMOVED LOOT**: The next gadgets have been faraway from the sport:
Turbocharger hop-up
Prolonged mags for power ammo [this change went out earlier than intended in the last update and should make sense with other changes in this patch but we wanted to include it here as well for players returning for Season 4 that were not aware].

**GOLD BACKPACK**: UI replace to raised convey to the participant when they’re utilizing or being revived with the perk.



*Designer Notes: We wish to shift up what weapons are the strongest. Additionally, we’re aiming to cut back the ability of some weapons that appear too robust and provides a bit of increase to some weapons that have not been performing in addition to we might like.*

Apex weapons transfer round subtly whereas ADS — they rotate and sway as you progress your purpose, they bob up and down and aspect to aspect whereas transferring, and so on.

We’ve got particular tech that makes certain the reticle on the optics stays centered even because the gun strikes round a bit. Nonetheless, till season 4, the ironsights on weapons did not have this tech. That meant that the ironsights reticles might transfer round with the weapon and really be barely inaccurate — they would not level on the display screen heart the place the subsequent shot would hearth. With season 4, we have now up to date a lot of the weapons’ ironsights to correctly keep centered now. Not all ironsights are upgraded but, however we shall be updating the remaining weapons as this season progresses. The weapons that shall be up to date for Season Four are:

Longbow DMR


Cost Rifle

Sentinel Sniper Rifle




Spitfire LMG








**G7 SCOUT**

Moved from “Sniper” to the “Assault Rifle” class.

Now solely accepts AR optics and attachments [including barrel stabilizers and stock].

Nonetheless accepts Double Faucet hop-up.

Contributes to progress for stats/challenges for AR’s transferring ahead.

Decreased hearth price 4.5 -> 4.0

Rising time between photographs for double faucet 0.425 -> 0.475

Fastened bug the place G7 had Zero ADS air unfold, making it the one gun that was completely correct on
ziplines, and so on.

The L-STAR is now not a crate weapon and might now be discovered across the map.

Makes use of power ammo.

Reloading has been eliminated and the L-STAR will overheat after sustained hearth so finest to fireplace in brief
bursts to handle overheating and recoil.

Injury lowered per shot 19 -> 18

Charge of Hearth decreased 12 -> 10

Much less horizontal viewkick when the weapon fires.



*Designer Notes: The Devotion was chosen to enter the crate for a few causes. Primarily 1) it’s an power ammo LMG, and so is the L-STAR and a pair of) knowledge reveals us {that a} totally kitted Devotion is definitely one of many strongest weapons within the recreation, and will work at crate energy degree.*
Faraway from regular loot pool and is now a crate weapon.

Journal dimension: 54

Complete ammo inventory: 162

Turbocharger performance.



*Designer notes: With the removing of turbocharger, we wished to buff the bottom havoc. Most notably, we’re decreasing horizontal recoil and making it simpler to regulate.*

Not accepts the Turbocharger hop-up [turbocharger has been removed from the game] however can nonetheless equip Choose Hearth.

Decreased time between photographs when utilizing Choose Hearth hop-up .77 -> .56



Decreased harm per shot 12 -> 11

Elevated journal dimension for the primary Three tiers:

Base: 18 -> 20

Frequent: 20 -> 22

Uncommon: 23 -> 24

Epic: 27 -> 27


Elevated harm per shot 14 -> 15


Elevated single-shot price of fireplace 5.6 -> 6.4


Adjusted journal sizes:

Base: 4 -> 5

Frequent: 6 -> 6

Uncommon: 8 -> 7

Epic: 10 -> 8



Double Faucet hop-up: lowered the delay between bursts: 0.85 -> 0.80


Fastened an exploit that gamers found and reported the place you may quickly hearth the Mastiff.

The next would be the new set of Gold Weapons for Season 4:








Downing (not killing) gamers provides 5 seconds to Beast of the Hunt timer. It’s potential to exceed beginning time with successive kills.


EMP now not destroys pleasant Gibraltar Dome Shields.

Dome Shields now not can keep on with Crypto’s Drone.


Fastened bug that was inflicting gamers that reached account degree 500 to crash or entry their stock or retailer.

Fastened bug the place participant degree textual content would seem on the badges of degree 100 badge when it wasn’t imagined to.

Fastened bug for some instances the place gamers had been unable to equip weapons from care packages when making an attempt to swap it with an current weapon.

Fixes for just a few unhealthy spots in World’s Edge the place gamers had been getting caught or attending to locations they shouldn’t – thanks to everybody that’s been capturing and reporting these points and maintain them coming!

Fastened bug the place generally when the Jumpmaster disconnects then the followers of their squad would float in mid-air and be unable to unfollow.

Basic stability fixes.


Fixes for instances the place approaching the sting of the Circle would make the gamers display screen flip virtually all white.

Up to date colorblind settings primarily based on participant suggestions.

Neighborhood Request: added a **Random Favorites** choice for unlocked skins that may be discovered within the Legend customization menu.

You’ll see an choice to “favourite” skins you’ve unlocked [Y button on consoles].

Selecting **Random Favourite** choice from the skins menu will randomly cycle your chosen favourite Legend skins in between matches.

Elevated the timer for when you may nonetheless be credited for an help after dealing harm: 5 seconds -> 7.5 seconds.

Nerfed the Curler that falls from the Loot Drone.
Decreased harm.
Decreased radius of splash harm.
Up to date the visible FX to the explosion for higher visibility.

“Goal Compensation” and “Melee Goal Compensation” choices have been moved to the “Superior Look Controls” menu.


There are some modifications coming to loss forgiveness to cut back abuse of the system. Loss forgiveness when a teammate leaves or fails to attach is unchanged, and is working as meant. We shall be limiting the RP loss forgiveness while you go away as soon as per day. For those who exceed as soon as per day greater than thrice per ranked collection, you lose all forgiveness for the rest of that collection. As soon as these limits are reached gamers will now not obtain RP loss forgiveness when abandoning a match, whatever the purpose for quitting. We are going to proceed to show prompts that warn you that leaving will rely, and now will warn you when you find yourself about to expire of loss forgiveness video games.The scaling penalties are the identical as final Sequence.


Some participant are experiencing a problem the place Apex is crashing with a “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG” error message. We’re working intently with NVIDIA to assist decide the reason for the difficulty and supply players with an answer (by way of up to date driver or recreation patch) as quickly as potential.

Useful Data When Reporting:
Graphics card vendor/mannequin (ie: ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080)
Driver model: (ie: 441.66)
Any sample to repro? (particular location, sure period of gameplay, and so on.)

With this patch we’ll be pushing out modifications globally to matchmaking that we’ve been testing in particular areas. We’re properly conscious that this has been a contentious subject amongst gamers and there’s been some misinformation on the market so simply to be clear: skill-based matchmaking has existed in Apex since launch and we’ll be persevering with to enhance it over time.


  1. It says, “disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds”.

    I wonder if that includes passives. As in, does Lifeline not get the shield on revive if silenced?

  2. Genuinely surprised there’s not more changes to legends. Does this mean Respawn considers them balanced I wonder? Or are bigger changes coming utilizing some of what we saw in the dummy event? Hmmmm.

  3. > BLOODHOUND Downing (not killing) players adds 5 seconds to Beast of the Hunt timer. It is possible to exceed starting time with successive kills.


  4. > so just to be clear: skill-based matchmaking has existed in Apex since launch and we’ll be continuing to improve it over time.

    This sub on suicide watch

  5. No buff for my speedy boy 🙁 I can’t believe they swapped the L Star and the Devo though. Can’t wait to play season 4.

  6. Wow… Literally no legend balancing except that Bloodhound bit that won’t change his pickrate for one measly %?

  7. No alternator buff? Man, you don’t know how much I wanted a buff for my favourite Titanfall 2 weapon. (But actually the r-99 nerf may make the alternator a better choice without a buff. Looking forward to use it!)

    Moving G7 to AR was a good decision, I guess. Because it was an AR in Titanfall 2.

    Good thing that L-STAR’s reload function is gone and only left with an overheat only.

    Devotion was really powerful once you got the turbocharger hop-up. Making it a crate weapon is a good decision, I guess.

    Why murder havoc like this, why? 🙁

    Edit: Now Prowler does 15 damage too, like Alternator. And since Alternator shoots slower than Prowler, there is still no point at using the Alternator.

  8. Love the content. Keep it up!
    No turbo charger? I get the cooldown is reduced but yikes. No new hopup to replace it is also a yikes, but golden prowler is back so sweet.

  9. Kinda disappointed with the lack of buffs to some of the legends. I didn’t think that was asking too much..

  10. u/pircay Unless I’m missing something. Your link to the Season 4 Battlepass instead is linking to Season 3

    Edit: Showing correct information now

  11. The season 4 trailer really did nothing for me but the sub seemed to love it so I kept my mouth shut, but these patch notes sound like the next couple months are going to be really meh. Pretty disappointing for the 1-year anniversary of the game.


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