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On the Edge, A Human Altered story

Human Altered

The reply to what occurred in that edge system. It is a stand alone story. Take pleasure in, feedback welcome.

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**On the Edge, A** [**Human Altered**](https://www.reddit.com/r/HFY/feedback/eo8x26/human_altered/) **story.**

The Curator was squirming underneath the strain. “However why a human? The ship merely wants just a few changes!”

The Committee had been unimpressed. “You might have been flying that ship round for thirty years. The people have a mushy spot for us, ever since first contact, and are prepared to offer an engineer for virtually nothing.

Frankly, it is your seniority within the service and the age of your ship that brings you right here. Permit the human do her job or retire. We’re bored with listening to about your concern of omnivores. She is not going to eat you. She promised, in writing. Clear?”

The library ship Deannwer was shifting by way of the sting programs, following its mission of spreading expertise and concepts to these too far or too quaint to attach straight with the galaxy.

It was a type of initiatives that typically acquired funding, typically not. The ship was serviceable however previous. It is newest addition was a human engineer. No-one was fairly certain why she had ventured to date out, or why she was prepared to take the low wages.

Engineer Revel was poking about within the engine room. Not one single system had the acquainted “Human Altered” signal. Excellent. She was sick of fiddling about with human hybrid engineering.

She was prepared to take a while to return to the start, to see what her father had seen when he had arrived in house. Anyway, it had been certainly one of these library ships that had discovered Earth. Humanity had a debt to them, and a sure admiration.

Additionally she acquired a big grant that coated the drop in wages. Type of group service.

She was buzzing quietly, surrounded by the dismantled converter console when the Curator arrived.

It stood effectively again and spoke to the ground. “Honourable Engineer, maybe you’ll clarify. The engine is uncooperative. We’re involved.”

Revel did not perceive the physique language that effectively however the expression ‘shitting himself’ appeared to explain her new Captain. Save us all from herbivores. She spoke to the ground as effectively. He would leg it if she checked out him straight, in line with her briefing.

“Honourable Curator, I submitted the work schedule over every week in the past. You requested a refit. That is what a refit appears like. We aren’t going wherever quickly anyway, in line with your diary.”

The Curator stepped again, unnerved by Revels voice. “That is right however..” his forelimbs waved about ” are you sure you’ll be able to rebuild all of this?”

She smiled to herself. If the Captain really noticed her smile she had been warned that shitting himself can be an precise occasion, not an expression. She might see why she was the primary human these folks had met and why she was the primary human engineer on board.

“Honourable Curator, relaxation assured that I’ll rebuild it. I’m merely putting in the brand new management programs in engineering earlier than I start on the true work. If I did it the opposite means spherical, this technique can be broken. I might be doing the identical for the bridge console. Quickly you should have the type of velocity and vary that your mission deserves.”

The Curator bristled on the information that the Human can be on his bridge, barely restraining himself from spraying the room to determine dominance. He thought rapidly “Maybe you would work on that after we are off planet. You’d have a lot extra.. house.”

A weak logic, however he would crash the ship right into a star if the human checked out him on the flawed second.

He had chosen this occupation so he might restrict his contact with the extra aggressive species of the galaxy. Intellectually he understood that there was no menace right here however, regretfully, that did not assist.

Revel nodded, then realized she was nonetheless trying on the ground. Fuck’s sake.

” In fact, Curator. I’ve lots extra to do right here anyway.”

The time handed as peaceably as anticipated on a flying library. Fortunately, the remainder of the crew wasn’t as insecure in her presence. She discovered them endearing, she loved scraping again the years of historic bodges and everlasting ‘fast fixes’ she uncovered. It was like her scholar days had come to life, with out the consuming this time.

She lastly tuned the engines. The output was off the charts in comparison with what she discovered. Including thirty years of tech and human ingenuity had remodeled the ability provide. Now she was itching to get to the principle controls. At this level she had constructed a whole backup bridge in engineering!

Engines, test

Converters, test

Life help, test

Computer systems, test

Shuttle, test

Energy provide, test

Medbay, test

Nonetheless she waited for permission to tackle the Essential bridge. And waited.The one system she had ignored was weapons. No-one had ever attacked a library ship. Nothing to steal however data they usually gave that away free.

“Fuck this.” Revel introduced to herself.

She had been ready for weeks for the Curator to park up. Sadly each time she met the Curator he behaved just like the constipated badger that his species resembled.

“Advantageous. I am going to flip the ship right into a fucking battleship. Anybody who does not pay their library fines is now condemned to loss of life!”

Revel had achieved her time in army engineering. They had been inspired to close the fuck up about this when out within the galaxy, however rattling close to each human a Xeno ever met had army coaching. Particularly the engineers. Humanity did not need anybody trying too carefully at that, but it surely stored the casual alliance among the many engineers a optimistic power.

She began with the shields. She spent a few comfortable weeks on EVA, one thing else that had the Curator trying like he was coping with a bag of offended cats when she instructed it. Then she began on the weapons array, such because it was.

The Curator was nonetheless hiding in his workplace. He knew he was hiding. It was embarrassing, this was his ship, she was no menace and it was solely a matter of time that his habits would value him his profession.

However the human was exterior the ship and he felt higher already. He had stored the paper she had signed that promised to not eat him in his pocket for weeks now, in case she forgot. It was now so damp and tattered that it was unreadable.

He was conscious that it was irrational and that the Human may need misunderstood his response to her want to work exterior, however the aid was profound. It wasn’t within the ship anymore. Maybe he might preserve her busy on the market? That they had few programs on the outside, however she appeared enthusiastic. He let the bridge know that his orders had been to let the Honorable Engineer work on all exterior programs.

**Wendig system**

Maybe the galaxy ought to have been watching. Maybe it did not must occur in any respect. The Wendig system wasn’t necessary, simply one of many many programs on the sting of issues.

Its folks had been subterranean and nocturnal. For the programs that had heard of it, they knew it as a species unwilling to journey in house and unsightly to guests. When it started a genocidal civil conflict, it was so deep and so disconnected from the bigger galaxy, no-one else even knew it was occurring.

He who was Holy stood within the remnants of the council chambers. His fur was bloody from the slaughter of the heretics. The previous president was being nailed to the door as he watched.

Certainly one of his warrior monks arrived,

“Holy One, the victory is ours. Your Generals want to start the purge.”

“In fact, inform them to comb away those that defile the minds of our folks. Universities, colleges, crèches. I would like them cleansed. We start anew, clear within the eyes of the Gods. Now not will we observe those who search to stay underneath the solar. Kill all of them”

**Deannwer, Wendig system**

Revel was coming again in after one other days work on the outside when she was met by one of many friendlier crewmates. She discovered their monklike adhesion to titles a bit annoying however, if she was proper, he was Second Scribe, Greater than Third Scribe or one thing. Pretty necessary anyway.

“Honorable Engineer, we’ve got refused to proceed this farce. In reality, we should always have landed weeks in the past. Our poor Curator has lastly agreed. He asks solely that you simply keep off the bridge till we’ve got descended. He has additionally agreed to retire. The Committee was unimpressed with our latest travels and can discover a new Curator. We hope you’ll permit him this dignity. Please.”

She watched the shuttle descend. Apparently this world was one of many uncommon ones that didn’t worth the galaxy a lot. They developed underground and, deep down, couldn’t give a shit about house. Nonetheless, good intentions despatched the shuttle down and left her the ship to play with on her personal.

Lastly she might rip out the antiques and put her new programs onto the bridge. They anticipated to be gone for a few months. Time to tear out the central CPU and substitute it with one thing youthful than herself. She rerooted all Comms to the shuttle and shattered the CPU with the largest hammer she might discover. She had waited months to try this.

Life help rebooted from her engineering console. Now to get some actual work achieved.

Lastly she rebooted all of the programs from the bridge. Two weeks of labor. Almost twenty months of planning and preparation.

She related Comms to the shuttle and listened to the screams. She scrambled to take management of the Shuttle, activating all of the upgrades she had fitted. The locals had been attacking from each course. No matter was happening down there, she wanted to get her folks out. Since whoever the fuck was capturing didn’t appear to be cheap, she didn’t really feel like ready. They had been capturing at a bunch of librarians, for fucks sake. Who doesn’t like librarians?

The ship was unarmed, however that did not imply she had left it undefended. She turned on the shields, usually solely activated on entry to the environment. The forcefield ballooned out, crushing the enemy right into a high quality paste. Then she boosted them once more they usually hit the buildings. Sniper hearth snapped on the ship till the shields pushed by way of the advanced. It fell over. Oops.

It didn’t take lengthy for her to work out the scenes that had performed out. A few of her crewmates had been seized, then crushed and held. Public broadcasting by the brand new regime had declared them despoilers and spies, shouting to the very stars that this was the penalty for strolling within the mild . She watched as some type of present trial passed off, accusing the Curator of spying, of corruption and heresy.

The Curator seemed crushed, drained and afraid however he apparently refused to concede something, They didn’t broadcast his phrases, however their anger was clear. So was the outcome. They secured him to a publish and burned him alive.

They had been banning all ships from their fucking sacred darkish. Her crewmates that remained on board had frantically sealed the shuttle and tried to contact her.

No-one else was listening. Possibly in twenty years somebody would possibly go searching, or they’d stupidly shoot at a passing army ship. In any other case no-one gave a fuck about their system or a wandering library ship.

So, they like setting folks on hearth. She might try this too, assholes. She lifted the shuttle off the bottom and swung it round, pointing the engines earthward. She held the ship over the spaceport and poured flame throughout the wreckage of the advanced, burning any ships she might. Then accelerated the shuttle residence.

She hailed them, “ Consideration assholes. Return my folks or I’ll blow the fuck out of you and your bug ugly world.”

The Holy One listened to the message and laughed, “ Do you hear this! One of many bookkeepers remains to be hiding on the market. Discover the ship and kill it.”

This was a library ship. Amazingly they did not carry heavy weapons. Or anything helpful. She might ship a strongly worded letter and threaten them with fines if the librarians had been returned scuffed or with out covers.

She might examine them although. She actually hadn’t achieved that a lot to the weapons array, past the usual human updates.

Nonetheless, she wanted to get her folks secure. The shuttle docked, adopted by a few planetary protection ships that had completely did not penetrate her shields. These assholes did not like house journey? Advantageous. She might kind that out for them. She activated the weapons array and one-shot the bastards. Welcome to human tech.

Some very bedraggled bridge crew arrived on deck. “Thanks, Honorable Engineer, we’ve got by no means been attacked earlier than. I am afraid we might have reacted poorly.”

Revel sympathized with them. Being underneath hearth with out management or expertise is… disagreeable.

” You probably did high quality. What number of had been left behind? What occurred?”

“That they had a revolution. Extra like a bloodbath. The Curator refused to go away the planet, he maintained that it was a neighborhood affair. Frankly, I feel he did not wish to come again right here. He did not need his final mission to be a failure.

When the rebels received, he took a crew to talk to the brand new management. He mentioned they had been a non secular authorities and can be peaceable.”

The Second Scribe struggled to proceed.

” Their Holy One ordered his execution. They burned him to loss of life as a warning to the unclean and broadcast it throughout the planet. They’re holding the others in case of reprisal”

“Eight of our Scholar’s are nonetheless held. Together with the pilot, which is why we could not go away. They thought that we had been trapped. None of us has ever flown a ship, they usually stored capturing…”

His voice dwindled. Revel recognised it as Survivors Shock. “Take the crew into the Medbay, I am going to kind this out.”

**Wendig Authorities advanced**

“Holy One, our spaceport is destroyed. It’ll take weeks to restore and the aliens escaped. Our spaceships are destroyed or trapped on the bottom. What do you would like?”

“What do we’d like with a spaceport? Let it burn.”

“Holy One, there’s a ship nonetheless on the market. It has destroyed a lot already, we’d like a response.”

“The Gods will shield us.”

Revel studied the maps. The spiritual freaks holding her folks had taken the central advanced. From the noises they had been making, no compromise was doable.

They had been busy constructing a cathedral out of the parliament buildings. They had been utilizing the our bodies of their enemies to do it, grinding the corpses into the cement. It was solely a matter of time earlier than her crew grew to become an decoration. Or roof insulation.

The minor difficulty was that, first, all their necessary buildings had been underground and, second, this was a fucking library not a battleship. She made just a few calls. If nothing else, her folks would ensure that these idiots paid a worth. She could not afford to attend for them.

The Second Scribe arrived again on the bridge. “I really feel significantly better now, thanks. Could I ask you probably have a plan?”

Revel hesitated. This was now his ship, actually. “I’ve the beginnings of plan. What would you want me to do, Captain?”

The Second spoke fiercely, “Get our folks out, kill these murderous savages. He was my Curator. Not an awesome man, however an awesome trainer. I do know his fears overwhelmed him, however he spent his life serving to, informing the worlds. He deserved honour, not execution.

I do know nothing of conflict. Please, do what you’ll be able to. I go away this in your palms. I’ll look after the crew.”

Revel went again to the books, searching for a weak spot. It turned out that these bastards worshipped their moons. An eclipse was a holy day, an indication of the triumph of Darkish over Gentle. This she might use.

Of all of the moon’s orbiting the planet just one seemed helpful. It was on account of eclipse in 4 days. She took the shuttle all the way down to it. It took two days to rewire the engines, one other to put in the set off. Then she took the Evac pod again to the ship.

She hailed the planet, max Comms.

“You’ll return my folks or undergo the wrath of the darkish. I’m human, there may be nothing we do not know concerning the darkish. Tomorrow you’ll pay on your assault.”

Typically you want a bit of extra info. Or a geology diploma. She powered up the weapons array. Slowly she ran it as much as most energy. The lights dimmed within the ship as she unleashed essentially the most highly effective strike ever fired from a library.

It struck the set off prices on the shuttle engines and instantly induced them to fail containment. She had totally fueled the ship earlier than she parked it. When the shuttle exploded, she anticipated it to look scary. She did not anticipate it to shatter the moon. She watched as large chunks of rock started falling in the direction of the planet.


Many of the particles fell in the direction of the opposite moons, however sufficient fell on the planet to register as an extinction degree occasion. Fortunately, a lot of the inhabitants was already underground. Nonetheless.

The Holy One was standing and admiring his half-built cathedral when certainly one of his monks got here working “ Holy one, the eclipse, the moon…it’s gone. We noticed flame. The sky is full of burning rock.”

The Holy One turned and snapped “ What nonsense are you ranting? The Gods are immortal! As I might be at some point…”

As he spoke an enormous meteor air-burst over the Cathedral. The floor was crushed down, collapsing the constructing beneath, leaving solely an enormous crater instead.

The gods had spoken.

A shuttle containing her stolen crew was dispatched to the ship instantly, together with pleas for mercy, declarations of give up and requests for assist. She contacted the Earth and knowledgeable them that the Galaxy wanted to get right here and assist.

The Second Scribe stood beside her as they watched the planet being pounded by particles.

“Are you certain this was obligatory? I’m unfamiliar with human customs. This appears .. extreme.”

“Effectively, no-one is ever going to fuck with a library ship once more. Our individuals are residence, and this world is saved from a bunch of fanatics and they’re going to get the assistance they deserve. However no. This was not my intention.”

“Are all of your folks such as you?”

“Sadly, sure.”

The galactic response and inquiry groups despatched a right away suggestion that people be forbidden from all weapons management and weapons arrays. It was handed unanimously. Surprisingly, the people voted for it too.

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  1. > The Second spoke fiercely, “Get our people out, kill these murderous savages. He was my Curator. Not a great man, but a great teacher. I know his fears overwhelmed him, but he spent his life helping, informing the worlds. He deserved honour, not execution.

    I dub thee honorary human, go forth, bold Scribe

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