This work is in regards to the very down-to-earth, conventional dwarfish dwarves – bearded, gruff, and hard-working – in addition to relationships with different races…

For a greater overview, this essay is split in chapters, that are about an important points of dwarven life. I **bolded** some elements to make it simpler to skim over this essay – usually these elements will likely be defined elsewhere (in one other chapter or in a separate essay) in additional element. Get pleasure from!


**Philosophical Baselines/Traits**

* Dwarves favor every little thing with an earth, floor, rock, (or heavy metallic – joke meant) or know-how theme – onerous, sturdy, and sturdy issues (they used to have a structure –bonus).
* Dwarves rank know-how above magic. They often use units with transferring elements, wheels (and rails) in addition to hearth. In the event that they use magic in any respect, it’s clerical magic (dwarves couldn’t be wizards in earlier editions).
* Dwarves desire to not be appeared down upon – so other than different dwarves, they like to take care of gnomes or Halflings (hobbits) versus elves and people.
* Dwarves are superior miners, smiths, and craftsmen (not so good tradesman – they used to have a charisma-penalty).
* Dwarves (simply as elves) posses infra-vision. Of their case, that is dark-vision.
* Dwarves are likely to lean towards regulation and order on the alignment spectrum.


**Dwarven Subraces**

There are **Mountain Dwarves**, **Hill Dwarves,** and Darkish or Gray Dwarves, the **Durgar**. Oh, and the **Gully Dwarves** (from Dragonlance). The final ones are sometimes shunned by the opposite dwarves.


**Dwarven Society – and Feminine Dwarves**

Dwarves are organized into **household clans**. They’re decidedly **patriarchal**! Feminine dwarves have been unparalleled for a very long time. Theories have been that dwarves have been “born from the rock,” or that feminine dwarves have been bearded and indistinguishable from the males.

Let me recommend **my tackle it** (which is clearly closely impressed by Snow White and the seven Dwarves in addition to Monty Python): the ratio of feminine to male dwarves is about one to seven. So, the females are often excluded from harmful or too heavy work like mining, exploring and smithing. When going exterior, they often put on non revealing clothes/armor plus **pretend beards** (as an indication of their standing equal to the males). So, they’re certainly **onerous to differentiate** from a male – even when they’re **usually a bit taller** than their male counterparts.

Usually, a feminine dwarf is **married** **to** as much as **seven brother dwarves**, who observe a sort of **wife-sharing**. Since they share different issues like their mines (claims), their wealth, and most of their duties, this comes sort of pure to them… The oldest of the dwarven-brothers is the pinnacle of this core-family. The feminine has numerous affect as effectively – simply not numerous freedom. Most feminine dwarves organize with this practice with the everyday dwarven sense of duty, responsibility, and custom. (Dwarven society can afford to lose some males simpler than females.) However some only a few could insurgent and search extra freedom – even perhaps a life as an adventurer (if they’re cautious they not solely preserve the armor, however their pretend beards as effectively, to keep away from changing into a goal of being kidnapped, maintain for ransom or compelled into marriage.)


**Dwarven Properties**

The overwhelming a part of dwarven settlements are **underground** – with the occasional stone construction above floor. Dwarves suppose virtually and like their sleeping quarters near their work-place. These properties are often cozy, with sufficiently excessive ceilings for dwarves (5’). The inside is sturdy stone or picket benches and tables, some metallic objects, and a fire (and even some sort of central-heating).


**Dwarven Names**

Dwarven names are sometimes **quick** with a **rolling “r”** and pronounced via gritted enamel. And so they often have a which means: Ambros Duran (ambos, onerous); Dursun (onerous as stone); Glod (misspelled gold – Discworld inside joke); Granz (grumpy); Krupp (metal); Kurz (quick); Tarkas Grumbarts (fortress greybeard).

Usually a dwarf provides to his quick title his **father’s title** (adopted by –son or within the uncommon case of an emancipated feminine dwarf –dottir) and his **clan**.

So, a typical dwarven title can be Duran Glodson of Clan Ironhammer.


**Dwarven Weight loss plan, Drink, and Farming**

For a begin, dwarves desire to focus on mining and crafting, and let the farming be achieved by others – for instance (backyard) gnomes and Halflings (hobbits). However since dwarven mines and dungeons are like fortresses, which need to be self-sustaining there’s a wee little bit of farming as effectively…

Dwarves desire issues that develop in or immediately on the bottom: **potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips** and **all sort of cabbages** (hardy stuff that retains effectively underground), as well as there are **mushrooms** that truly develop underground (on wooden or fecs) with out gentle – even when a *continuous gentle* is clerical magic and comparatively low degree (might appear like the fashionable indoor-farms and vertical gardening). Dwarves are very economical, to not say tight/stingy.

For meat dwarves **desire pork** (pigs can stay off leftovers/dregs and like to dig within the floor), however they aren’t above consuming **pony meat** (each pigs and pony are used as work or using animals by the dwarves). And in case of the Gully dwarves or Terry Pratchett’s Discworld dwarves there are at all times **rats**, which is usually a plague in dwarven underground settlements.

The one sort of fruit that’s hardy and effectively sufficient to retailer for a dwarf’s style are **apples**.

Dwarves are additionally well-known as **beer-brewers** and **drinkers** in addition to **distillers**. Usually, you’ll be able to’t belief the water within the mines, plus they want one thing stronger than water to clean down their hardy meal of a number of salted/pickled pork and **Sauerkraut.** (Kraut offers the a lot wanted vitamin C – however can ferment and offer you stomach-ache and diarrhea when consumed with water). Even baby-dwarves get one thing like **root-beer** after their mother-milk. And I determine, the (in)well-known **dwarven-spirit** is distilled from potatoes or sugar beets, (presumably different leftovers as effectively) making it a **sort of** **Vodka**.

Dwarves protect foodstuff by salting it, (pork, Sauerkraut) smoking it, (ham and sausages) or baking it (dwarven bread). (Salt is usually mined by dwarves as effectively and there are often fires burning, not solely in a smithy.) **Dwarven bread** is the themes of many **jokes** since it’s so onerous and sturdy that you should utilize it as a blunt-weapon. The notorious method bread of the dwarves is consumed as a final resort solely (most likely overwhelmed to bits with a hammer after which soaked in beer).

I might go on about common dwarfish dishes: roasted pork with onions and mushrooms, potatoes (cooked, mashed, roasted or as dumplings) plus Sauerkraut or purple cabbage. Or turnip-stew with carrots and smoked ham and sausages in it. I believe you bought the thought…

…a dwarfish kitchen often has not solely a fire, however an oven in addition to a number of copper-kettles and iron frying pans (and all of the instruments you’d anticipate in a effectively endowed kitchen).


**Dwarfish Weapons, Armor, and Warfare**

Dwarves like to make use of weapons that developed out of their instruments of commerce (and are nonetheless usable as such) just like the **hammer**, **choose,** and **axe** – weapons that may revenue from their energy. Their favored distance weapon is the **heavy crossbow** (keep in mind their affinity for know-how). **Again up weapons** are **quick swords** or **daggers**. And a few dwarves even carry **pikes** (spears) for formation–combating.

Since they’re miners and smithies, iron and metal are straightforward to get for them, and so they use the perfect armor that received’t sluggish them additional down. **Chainmail** just isn’t uncommon – even **plate mail** is discovered usually. And dwarves use **shields** most of the time! (Dwarven armor weights as a lot as a human sized set, however has greater sturdiness in response to some outdated guidelines)

Dwarves use **formation combating** in addition to many **instruments** and **warfare machines**. Think about {that a} bit just like the Roman military, of which it was mentioned, they *win with their spade and never with their sword* more often than not. **Mining** and **countermining**, **fortifying a place,** and **constructing infrastructure** are all a part of dwarfish warfare. Dwarves desire to **collapse a mine/tunnel** earlier than a chokepoint when confronted with overwhelming odds (orc or goblin hordes) and dig their method out once more. And dwarven engineers are virtually as creative as gnomes relating to warfare machines…


**Dwarven Mining**

Dwarves mine for valuable **gem stones** like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals and so forth, **valuable metals** like platinum, gold, silver, Mithril, and copper, but additionally extra atypical ones like iron, tin/pewter, zinc, lead, and others. And so they mine for **fossil coal** (for heating their blast furnaces and smithies), salt and a few **minerals** like sulfur. Additionally they come throughout mineral oil, tar and gasoline, although the latter is extra of a hazard underground, identical to water.

Water in mines is a day by day nuisance you need to do away with. The pumps are sometimes powered by a **watermill**, **treadmill** (for dwarves or animals) or in magically superior communities (uncommon) by elementals or golems. It’s as much as you, if the dwarves are so technically superior that they’ve steam- engines, or should you preserve these for the gnomes.

By mining, the dwarves additionally realized that **wagons on rails** have a bonus – and constructing roads, **tunnels** plus **bridges** for **toll – roads**, particularly via (beneath) harmful, mountain areas (as a further supply of earnings). The dwarfish tunnels and vaults are **Romanesque** versus Gothic in fashion.


**Dwarven Merchandise**

Dwarves could promote the uncooked supplies they mine, however they’ve realized that the revenue is bigger with completed items. Dwarven cast **weapon** and **armor** in addition to **iron instruments**, **copper pots** and kettles, **jewellery**, **safety objects** like locks and chests, and typically even kids toys or beer (the well-known Stonedwellers Finest, anybody?). It’s mentioned the dwarves found how one can make **glass** in an try to supply small containers for his or her beer.

They could rent themselves out as miners, smiths, and stone-mansions. Dwarves at the beginning commerce with different dwarves for mined items, different small folks like gnomes and hobbits (for livestock and meals). People typically act as the center man for them, particularly when buying and selling with elves, who they understand as boastful and fickle.

That is another excuse for the hate between elves and dwarves as effectively: dwarves chop down timber for assist beams, building materials, typically furnishings, barrels, and burn charcoal for his or her smithies (when it’s simpler and cheaper then fossil coal). And final however not least, they acquire wooden or plant matter for his or her mushroom farms. To them, a forest is simply one other useful resource to be exploited. The elves even frown upon the dwarven mining – to them, it looks like raping Mom Earth…


**Dwarven Script and Tradition**

Dwarven writing is about in stone (or moderately chiseled) – typically in skinny copper or gold sheets – in uncommon circumstances, for fast notes it’s imprinted in clay (to be later dried or baked/burned). So the script consists of **straight strains**, that are straightforward to engrave, with no curves or elegant thrives.


**Dwarven Humor**

One of many ***quick*****-comings** of the dwarves! There are numerous dwarf-jokes round, however these are virtually at all times jokes and puns about dwarves – not from dwarves! The reason might be that within the harmful mining-environment of the dwarves, there’s merely no room for humor.


**Dwarven Music**

Not a lot right here – dwarves prefer it **loud** –**rock music** and **heavy metallic**! Their devices have the earth-theme, so **drums** and different **rhythm-instruments** apply. (I nonetheless fondly keep in mind my dwarven-berserker merely generally known as [Drummer](


**Dwarven Physique Hygiene**

Many would joke this chapter shouldn’t exist, as certainly many an adventuring Dwarf is sort of dirty (however so are different adventures as effectively, who don’t resort to magic to unravel the issue). As well as, most dwarves don’t like water: as talked about earlier it’s a frequent nuisance if not hazard in mining. And dwarfs have a tough time to study swimming: for one factor, they miss the chance, however in addition they have such a **dense** and **heavy** **bone construction**, that **swimming** turns into **troublesome** (to not point out their fondness for armor, which makes it outright not possible). So dwarves mistrust deep water for a motive…

The dwarves discovered their resolution, nevertheless: they invented **saunas** and **steam-bathes**. (They’ve the fires going anyway). This type of Spa relaxes their muscular tissues after work as effectively.


**Dwarven Funeral Customs**

In accordance with dwarven creation fable, they have been comprised of stone – so they need to return to the earth (or ideally stone or rock) after their loss of life. So dwarves would **bury** their lifeless, however they like **cairns** or a stable **stone sarcophagus** – particularly for clan elders. The our bodies of the later are even typically **became stone** with a *Flesh to Stone* spell (if obtainable to clerics), to protect them.

Dwarves are additionally a bit particular about their **instruments** (or weapons) – so these are **often buried with the lifeless**, in the event that they didn’t cross them on of their lifetime.



Thanks guys over on the BTS **Discord** [DM Workshop]( – particularly u/DougTheDragonborn – to your recommendation and assist in sharpening this put up.

**Edit:** The formatting requires a little bit of time…

**Subsequent will likely be elves!**


  1. Just can’t see myself ever implementing blatantly sexist behavior as a core part of any playable character race

  2. This is very helpful, thank you! I play a rebellious, female dwarf and I love it! I knew I was breaking some stereotypes, but didn’t know exactly which ones. This essay will help me RP better 🙂

  3. I’m not sure I like the wife-swapping stuff, but I do like to discuss unique ideas.

    If up to seven men might share a wife, how do they know who the son belongs to? Is only the “head of household” allowed to have children? Do the children share fathers? Do they all just assume the “head of household” is the father?

    This plays into your naming conventions as well. You need to know your father for your name.


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